How to create and send assignments in Soundtrap!

Creating an assignment in Soundtrap is simple!

Go to your profile page (or click My Projects), then:

(1.) Click on the project to reveal actions and click on create assignment.



(2.) Choose how you want to send out the assignment. You can either choose a connected LMS or share a link. (For this example we will show you how to share a link. To create an assignment with Google Classroom click HERE.)



(3.) You will now get this box with information. 

"A new folder called has been created."

Students will automatically be added to the folder after clicking the link."

Each student gets their own copy of the project to work on."

You will become a member of each project so you can review the progress."



(4.) Copy the link in the box and send it to your students through whatever you use to communicate with them.



(5.) Scroll down on your profile page (My Projects) to find the folder for the assignment you just created. 

Here you will see all of the students copies of the project and be able to go in and see their progress!





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