What is quantization / quantize?

Have you recorded a software instrument that turned out a bit too sloppy timing wise? Try quantizing! When you quantize notes, they will end up on the beat instead of in between beats.

You can choose to quantize your recording either in the region Edit menu, or in the Piano roll. The Piano roll allows you to see what happens when you quantize, so let's start there!

Hover over a region on a Soundtrap instrument track and click on Piano roll to open it (1). The Piano roll will pop up and show all the midi notes. Select the notes you want to quantize, either by clicking and dragging a selection, or click once anywhere in the Piano roll and press Cmd/Ctrl+A if you want to select all of them (2). Right-click and select Quantize and choose your desired subdivision (3). If you're unsure which subdivision to choose, 1/8 or 1/16 will work in most cases!

If you want to quantize all notes in a region, there is an even quicker way of doing it without opening the Piano roll. Just hover over the region and click Edit (4). From the menu that appears, select quantize and choose a subdivision (5). Done!


(1) Hover over region to show Piano roll shortcut


(2) Selected notes in the Piano roll


(3) Right-click in the Piano roll to access the menu. Select Quantize and choose a subdivision.


(4) Hover over the region to show Edit shortcut


(5) Select Quantize and choose a subdivision to quantize all notes in the region

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