Invite users by code to Edu account

You can invite a user to you Soundtrap for Education account with either code or a link. 

If you're already a soundtrap user and want to join a school by code CLICK HERE!

If you want to invite NEW users by sending them a code, there are a few steps to go through for that user. 

1. (Teacher/Owner) Go to your Edu admin panel

2. Click on IMPORT USERS

3. Choose which group you want to add the user to and copy the code. 



4. Student/teacher goes to and clicks on JOIN NOW!




Type in the code where it says JOIN A SCHOOL



6. Fill in your email address and choose password

(If you're already a soundtrap user and want to join a school CLICK HERE)




7. Congratulations! You've joined a Soundtrap for Edu account! Now high five a classmate!



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