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Change content settings in Chrome

If Soundtrap keeps sending you back to the log in page when you’re trying to log in, it’s probably because you have some super secret security settings.
Here’s how to change them so that you can log in to Soundtrap and start making that magic music!

1. Click on Chrome and go to “Preferences”.



2. Scroll down and click on “Show advanced settings” 3. Under the “Privacy” field, click on “Content settings”.



4. Under the field “Cookies”, make sure that “Block sites from setting any data” and “Block third-party and site data” is UNCHECKED.



5. If you want to keep the blocked settings for other sites and and choose the sites you want to allow to collect data, you click on “Manage exceptions”. Type in and make sure you choose “allow”.



You should be good to go now! Happy music making!

/Soundtrap Team

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