Hey everybody! 


Time to level up on your Soundtrap skills? Time to 360-no-scope that beat? Time to rule all the loops? (Ok stop Adam). Well we've created two courses for everybody to enroll in! You can enroll in both classes! You don't have to choose! Please try to enroll in the class with the same email as you have in Soundtrap so the badge can find it's way to you!


The Expert Course deep dives into the features in Soundtrap and will allow you to become even better at it! When you're done with the course, you'll also get 1 month of free premium AND a Certified Soundtrap Expert badge on your profile!

Sign up here:


The Educator Course will teach you the basics of the studio, collaboration in the classroom, benefits of the STEAM learning and student onboarding. After the course you’ll be a Certified Soundtrap Educator, and a badge will appear on your teacher profile to prove the level of your expertise :)

Enroll in the free course here:


And no, you're not too cool for school...



Adam @ Soundtrap

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