What happens to my projects when my subscription or trial ends?

We're happy to know that you've tried our Premium subscription or trial! Hope you enjoyed it.

Your account will now downgrade to a free plan. This means you can no longer use some of the loops, effects and instruments or Time Restore. It also means you can only have 5 projects. If you already have more than this, the older projects will be archived.

Archived projects still show up in your private projects list and you can listen to them and download them. However, you will not be able to share or open those projects. But don't worry, if you choose to get a subscription again, they will be restored.

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    Hi, I can't listen to my archived project neither download it. When i try to download it, a page with a message "not found" comes up and when i try to listen it just stays in loading forever. I tried to listen to my other (non archived) projects and they work. Please help me because i can;t even remember my work and I am not financially able to subscribe, so there's that. Thanks in advance!

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