What MIDI keyboards and devices work with Soundtrap?




  • Christopher Bueker

    Hi Stefan, thanks for posting the information. I am working with a Chromebook to produce music and I really like SoundTrap. What kind of MIDI usb cable do I need for my Chromebook and SoundTrap to recognize my MIDI keyboard? I am looking at Roland UM-ONE MK2 USB MIDI Interface. Will this connector work with my Chromebook and SoundTrap? I appreciate any assistance. Thank you.

  • Stefan Larsson

    Hi Christopher,
    Yes that will work great if your MIDI keyboard only has those old school MIDI outputs. If it's a newer model, you can probably use a a cheaper USB to micro-USB or just a normal USB cable depending on what ports you have on your keyboard. Have a peek around the back and see what you can find, or if you're unsure, check your manual or Google the keyboard model and check which ports it has.
    Good Luck! :)

  • Christopher Bueker

    HI Stefan, great. Thank you. Yes, my MIDI keyboard is the old school kind. Thank you.

  • alex

    I'm pretty new to MIDI, but noticed when I import a drum midi file the drum pieces change. Can I see a mapping of what channels are what instruments in SoundTrap, if this makes sense. I have a software that can change the channels on the export file so they can work in SoundTrap, I just don't know the channels that SoundTrap uses for each drum piece. Thanks.

  • Christopher Bueker

    Stefan, I received my Roland UM-ONE MK2 USB MIDI Interface in the mail. It was super easy to hook up and I am now recording with it. My first track is now produced and friends on my social media page loved my track. Thank you for the support.
    Alex, I am not sure.

  • ruben

    Does it work with the launchkey mini

  • ruben

    Thinking of getting it but only have a chromebook wondering if it would work on it or not any information helps.

  • JanJan

    The piano keys works with Soundtrap, but not the pads. The LaunchKey Mini does not work with Chromebook unfortunately.

    Best regards,
    Sadia @ Soundtrap

  • Alan Maddrell

    'MIDI settings' option does not open on my Chromebook. I get a 'upgrade your browser' message. Chromebook is 100% updated. Using a LPK25 (or trying to!).

  • Sadiegpage

    Does soundtrap work with the Akai Professional MPK Mini MKII

  • I like Curry

    Hi, is a Soundtrap premium account needed to use a USB MIDI keyboard?

  • Richardstuartgregory

    Are there plans to enable midi controllers in the mobile app...possibly via bluetooth (e.g. Roli Seaboard) like Groovebox?

  • Evan Witt

    Like commenter Alan Maddrell above me, I have a new (and updated) chromebook, but SoundTrap keeps telling me that I can't access MIDI settings without getting my browser updated (which it already is).

  • Phi Pham

    Will Maschine MK2's work on Chromebooks and Soundtrap in the future?

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