How to improve performance

So the studio's a little sleepy? Does it produce crackling, glitchy, lagging sounds or random silence when all you wanted was to jam some Grand Piano? Try some of the following suggestions:

  • Make sure you're not running a lot of power consuming programs on your computer, as they can slow down the performance of Soundtrap.
  • Try lowering the sound quality. Go to Settings -> Sound quality and select "Low" (1).
  • Try the "Freeze track"-feature. Click on the little cog wheel in the track header and choose "Freeze track (free up CPU)". This will "freeze" the track from editing, but it will reduce the CPU usage a whole lot (2).

(1) Settings -> Sound quality -> Low

(2) Freeze track

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    Hi, is there a way to save frozen tacks and have them frozen when you close and reload the project, so that there's non need to freeze them again? Thank you.

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    Will 29

    My studio is not responding to anything I do, for example press the play button or try and save it, it is definitely not my computer because I can do other thing on Google Chrome

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