How to improve performance

So the studio's a little sleepy? Does it produce crackling, glitchy, lagging sounds or random silence when all you wanted was to jam some Grand Piano? Try some of the following suggestions:

  • Make sure you're not running a lot of power consuming programs on your computer, as they can slow down the performance of Soundtrap.
  • Try reducing the playback sound quality. Go to Settings -> Sound quality and select "Low" (1).
  • Try the "Freeze track" feature. Click on the dot-dot-dot menu in the track header and choose "Freeze track (free up CPU)". This will temporarily "freeze" the track from editing, but it will reduce the CPU usage a whole lot (2).


(1) Settings -> Sound quality -> Low


(2) Freeze track

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    Hi, is there a way to save frozen tacks and have them frozen when you close and reload the project, so that there's non need to freeze them again? Thank you.

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    Will 29

    My studio is not responding to anything I do, for example press the play button or try and save it, it is definitely not my computer because I can do other thing on Google Chrome

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