How do I import students and/or teachers from Google Classroom?

The instructions below are also available in this video tutorial.

(1.) From the Edu admin panel on your Soundtrap profile, choose "Import users". 

(2.) Under "Bulk Import", click "Google Classroom".

(3.) This opens up the Import users from Google Classroom dialog window. In the first dialog, you will be asked to allow Soundtrap access to Google Classroom. Click "Next" to allow.

(4.) In the second dialog, you simply select a Google Classroom class to import from and a Soundtrap group to import to. Click "Import".

(5.) Done!



(1) EDU admin panel - "Import Users"



(2) Import Users - Bulk import: Google Classroom



(3) Import users from Google Classroom dialog window - Allow access (click "Next")


(4) Import users from Google Classroom dialog window - Import (select a class to import from, and a group to add the new user(s) to, click "Import")




 (5.) Done!



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