How do I create assignments through Google Classroom?

The instructions below are also available in this video tutorial.

On your profile page, locate the project you want to use as a template for the assignment and click on the project.

(1.) Choose "Create assignment" to open up the Create assignment dialog window.

(2.) Click the Google Classroom icon. This takes you to Google Classroom.

(3.) Choose a class and "create assignment" from the dropdown menu and click "Go".

(4.) Describe the assignment and click "Assign".

(5.) It is now shared to your students!

(6.) Back in Soundtrap, a folder has been created for the assignment (if you scroll down). When the students opens the assignment, they get a copy of it, you will be able to see it in that folder. Since you're automatically a collaborator on the project, you can go in and view their progress all along!


(1.) Profile page - My Projects - Create assignmentclickonproject.png


(2.) Click Google Classroom


(3.) Choose Class and Create assignment - Click GO


(4.) Fill out information about assignment - Click ASSIGN



(5.) Assignment shared - View assignment

view_assignment.png   shared_assignement.png

(6.) In Soundtrap - Assignments folder - Students assignment


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