How do I create groups?

From the EDU admin panel of your Soundtrap profile, toggle "Groups" in the menu to the left (1). Click "+New group" (2) and enter a name of your choosing in the pop-up dialog (3). The group will be created and the next step is to add users to it. Go to "All users" (4) and select the users you want to add. Choose "Actions" -> "Add to group" and select your new group from the list of groups! (5) Done!

(1) EDU admin panel (click "Groups")

 (2) Click "+New group"

(3) Create group dialog window (enter a group name and click "Create")

(4) New group default view (click "All users")

(5) All users (select users by ticking their respective boxes, choose "Actions" -> "Add to group" and select your group from the list)







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