What audio interface can I use with my Chromebook?




  • Vrbceez

    Could I use the umc22?

  • Ed McGuigan

    I just bought a Yamaha AG-06 mixer/audio interface and it works perfectly with my Chromebook. The AG-03 is $149 and the AG-06 $199. It is USB class compliant so no drivers required.

  • Sebastian Aronsson

    What kind of settings will I have to do on the Chromebook for the Presonus Audiobox to work as my input? Any settings in the Chrome browser?

  • Aaron Williams

    Have you used the Behringer U-Phoria UM2 with your Chromebook? Is it possible to download and use the effects plugins that Behringer offers for this device on a Chromebook?


    I have a Line 6 TonePort UX1 that I use with my Windows 7 desktop and I am able to model all kinds of different amps and effects devices via the Pod Farm software. I'm wondering if I can do something similar to this using the Behringer and my Chromebook so I can record on the go instead of just at home on my desktop.

  • Mr. Gottesman

    I can confirm the Zoom H6 worked with my Chromebook. Plug and play.

  • Dr Timothy M Black

    I also just got a Zoom H6 for my music program in Italy. We have only used it in rehearsal, and recording auditions. Tell me how you are using in conjunctions with this thread; with a Chromebook? Thanks, Dr. B

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