Is there a way to make volume/effect changes within a track (an automation tool)?

Allow me to step right in! You can automate changes to the volume, pan and sweep effect right from your track header! The Automation icon is located on the track header (1). Click it to toggle the automation lane below your track. Add automation for volume (2) and click on the line to add points to it, making it a curve (3). This way you can bring the volume up or down at specific points in time!

You can also turn the automation on/off or delete it altogether (4).

Tip: If you want to make the start or end of a region smoother, you can also use the regular fade in / fade out directly on the region - it usually goes a long way! Read more about how to use it here.

By adding pan automation, you can make the sound move around in the stereo image. This can be used as a cool effect, to add movement and excitement to your mix! The result is best experienced with headphones or with stereo speakers.

The Sweep effect can be used to add a filter effect commonly heard in EDM and other contemporary genres. Note that you will only find this effect in the track automation lane, so that's where to look for it! (5)


(1) Automation icon in the track header - click it to toggle the automation lane


(2) Click to add volume automation


(3) Click on the line to add points, try moving them around (turn off snap to grid if you don't want them to snap to the closest beat or bar). You can drag a selection around multiple points and move them together, or copy them and paste somewhere else.


(4) Turn volume automation on/off. Delete volume automation.


(5) Volume, pan and Sweep automation activated for a track.


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