How do I use the metronome (and how do I set the tempo in BPM?)

The metronome is your best friend when you need to play in a steady tempo, or when you need a count-in to the part you're playing next.

When you enter the studio, the metronome is enabled by default (unless you add a loop - then it's disabled). It can be enabled/disabled by clicking the On/Off button (1) at the bottom of the studio. You can also change the volume and sound for the metronome if you click the cog wheel next to the On/Off button!

To the left of the metronome, you will find the Tempo. This is where you set the tempo of your project in BPM (beats per minute). The default tempo when you start a new project is 120 BPM, which means that for every minute, you will hear 120 beats. Entering a higher value here results in a faster tempo, and vice versa.


(1) Metronome and tempo


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