How to use monitoring

Monitoring allows you to hear in real-time what's being recorded. In other words, if you have a microphone track, with reverb and other effects on it, you will hear yourself with effects while singing/speaking/rapping into the microphone.

When monitoring is enabled, using headphones is strongly recommended. This is important because otherwise, the sound from your speakers will go back into your microphone, and then out from your speakers again, and back into your microphone... and so on. This results in feedback, which quickly becomes loud and annoying. It could even be damaging to your ears. Since Soundtrap cares about your ears, the studio will ask you if you're using headphones, and disable monitoring if you aren't.

To enable monitoring, make sure you've done the following:

  • Enable recording on your track (1).
  • Enable monitoring via the settings menu (2).


(1) Enable recording


(2) Settings -> Monitoring

At the moment, monitoring is supported only on Mac+Chrome and iOS with the Soundtrap app. To see what features your OS/browser supports, check the article on browser support.

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