How to export and download tracks

If you hover over the track headers you will see a dot-dot-dot menu in the upper right corner. Click it and choose "Export this track" to export that separate track to your computer :)

Note that exporting currently excludes any effects you've added to the track (with the exception of Auto-Tune and Voice Transform). The export feature is not yet available in the mobile apps.


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    Chase Storm Gielda

    It wont let me export because it says that it's "Mixing". I guess the track is connected to a server and it wont export until the track is downloaded to the server?

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    As to exporting separate tracks as MIDI or audio (mp3) file or whole project as MIDI file - this feature DOES NOT WORK on Soundtrap Android and iOS apps (Android App -Version and iOS - App Version

    I tested both versions and received the message:
    Oops, an Unexpected Error.
    Ughh, one of those annoying unexpected errors has occurred. So sorry..

    In window below there was an info: Uncaught [object Object]

    I got PREMIUM annual account and want to use Soundtrap on both mobile platform - Android and iOS.
    If this feature does not work, it is a serious bug, because it eliminate one of the most important reason to choose mobile Soundtrap apps.

    Exporting separate MIDI tracks and audio tracks for now works correctly on mobile devices and computer only in browser (Chrome). If so - why use Soundtrap apps if browser version is more stable?
    Also - why this feature is still available in menu of Android and iOS apps if it does not work?

    Please inform users about this problem or correct this bug in mobile apps.

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