How can I improve the sound of my audio recording?

Here are a few tips on how to get a good audio recording.

  • Get a good microphone. Internal microphones in a computer, smartphone or tablet are very handy, but often not ideal for music production. They are useful for songwriting and sketching, but you might need an external USB microphone or an audio interface if you want to get a better recording.
  • Try to be in a quiet and absorptive environment to avoid background noise and echo-y reflections. Many great songs have been recorded under the sheets or in a closet, which actually works really great!

  • Do the Sound setup. Seriously, do the Sound setup. We know it seems to be of less importance when you're full of creativity and just want to get it out, but what's going on there is actually Soundtrap making sure your recording wont get distorted. Click Settings in the studio header and then Sound setup (1).

  • Stay close to the microphone. This increases the direct sound/background noise ratio. With most microphones, it also brings up the low frequencies in your voice or instrument, so you might need to roll off a bit of low end with an equalizer (EQ) afterwards.

  • Use a pop shield to remove the low-frequent "pops" that occurs because of the puffs of air created by consonants (such as "b", "p", etc). The closer you get to the microphone, the more this will be an issue, unfortunately.

  • Use headphones to avoid the sound from the computer speakers to accidentally be recorded, causing nasty feedback noise.

Also of course, some effects can be added to "repair" a bad recording - however this is often very hard to do. Our suggestion then is working with an EQ to filter out unwanted frequencies.

(1) Settings -> Sound setup

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