What does it mean when it says "Overloading"?

Sometimes there are just too many awesome tracks for your computer to handle. This causes Soundtrap to automatically try to improve the performance in three steps: 

  • First, it temporarily degrades the playback sound quality from "High" to "Medium". This converts all stereo sounds to mono (except for reverb) and an overall lower quality. (Note that this doesn't effect the quality of your original recordings, nor of any new recordings that you do.)

  • If that didn't make things better, it temporarily degrades the sound quality from "Medium" to "Low". Now reverbs have been disabled as well.

  • If the computer still can't compute the computation it needs to compute (no but seriously, if that didn't help), Soundtrap "Freezes" all the tracks. This means that all tracks are temporarily converted to non-editable, much less resource-consuming audio files. However, as soon as you make a change to the track (apart from volume and pan), the track is automatically unfrozen.

Here is a list of suggestions on how to improve the general performance of Soundtrap.

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