I subscribed for Premium but didn't get the Premium features

You might have to wait a few minutes for the Premium features to appear after purchasing. But who wants to wait forever? If they still haven't appeared after 10 minutes, please contact us at support [at] soundtrap.com.

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    Royal Abm

    I paid for a subscription and i still dont have the premium! This app just took my money! I want a refund or my subscription

    Do i need to call my lawyer? Cause im sure i've been robbed by soundtrap. If this can't be fixed by tomorrow i'll have my lawyer contact you guys. And i need an extention on my subscription because i still dont have premium. Its simple. Fix the problem and quit giving me the "run-around" through emails. Its been 3 days if emailing you guys back and forth! I want a refund. I'll never purchase anything with you people again. If you can't fix it, refund my money, i've shown proof of my purchases in the emails i've sent to support@soundtrap.com so if it cant be fixed in the next 24 hours, i'll have to call my lawyer for theft

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    Hello! Today I paid for Premium Subscription with my IPhone (my apple ID: mkabaeva@gmail.com). But on account subscription is not activated. My Soundtrap account is hzhz8.

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    Nikhil Vuppeay

    Hello soundtrap!
    How’s it going!
    I’m happy till i paid for the annual premium subscription plan. It has been almost a day... i’m still waiting for my happiness. I mailed you screenshots of my payment. So, please look into it and make it happen as soon as possible. Because i know you still have some good soul left in you. May the force be with you!

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