I subscribed for Premium but didn't get the Premium features




  • Royal Abm

    I paid for a subscription and i still dont have the premium! This app just took my money! I want a refund or my subscription

    Do i need to call my lawyer? Cause im sure i've been robbed by soundtrap. If this can't be fixed by tomorrow i'll have my lawyer contact you guys. And i need an extention on my subscription because i still dont have premium. Its simple. Fix the problem and quit giving me the "run-around" through emails. Its been 3 days if emailing you guys back and forth! I want a refund. I'll never purchase anything with you people again. If you can't fix it, refund my money, i've shown proof of my purchases in the emails i've sent to support@soundtrap.com so if it cant be fixed in the next 24 hours, i'll have to call my lawyer for theft

  • hzhz8

    Hello! Today I paid for Premium Subscription with my IPhone (my apple ID: mkabaeva@gmail.com). But on account subscription is not activated. My Soundtrap account is hzhz8.

  • Nikhil Vuppeay

    Hello soundtrap!
    How’s it going!
    I’m happy till i paid for the annual premium subscription plan. It has been almost a day... i’m still waiting for my happiness. I mailed you screenshots of my payment. So, please look into it and make it happen as soon as possible. Because i know you still have some good soul left in you. May the force be with you!

  • Lord Bavaria

    Same problem, support is not acknowledging my request.

  • Royal Abm

    You have to enail the support email. Then send screenshots of proof, and they’ll fix it for you. It’s happened to me twice, but each time, they’ve helped fix it. Just show proof in the email you send them

  • Lord Bavaria

    Thank You

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