How to record a podcast together

Ready to make a podcast together with a friend? Great! To learn how to record a podcast in Soundtrap, please check out this demo project:

If you want to record a podcast from scratch, here's how to do it:

Start a new project and add a couple of Voice tracks (1), one for you and one for your podcast buddy! Turn down the reverb for both tracks (2) (unless you're planning to do a lot of singing *wink*). Invite your friend to your project from the Collaborators tab. Once the invite has been accepted, you can call each other using the video chat (3). This way you can hear and see each other while recording the podcast! Since you're about to record with a microphone, it's good to have your headphones on and to do the Sound setup to get a good recording level. This ensures the best sound for your podcast. (You might want to do the Sound setup even before calling your friend, in case seeing and hearing each other makes you want to start recording straight away!) Now you're ready to start recording! Make sure your tracks are record enabled so that each of you will be recording your own voice on your own track (4), i.e. your track has a purple 'R' on your screen, and your friend's track has a purple 'R' on her screen. Next count '1, 2, 3' and on '3' both of you start the recording by clicking the red record button (or using the key command Ctrl+Space). Now you can chat away! After you've finished recording, stop the recording and use the Sync button to load your friend's recording (5). You're a podcaster!

(Go to the bottom of this page for some additional tips!)

(1) Add new Voice track

(2) Reverb control (turn fully counter-clockwise for 'off')

(3) Collaborators tab - Video chat

(4) Track record enabled (purple 'R')

(5) Sync changes

Some helpful tips: It might be a good idea to record a short snippet first, just to make sure everything is working and sounding good before making the actual recording.

We recommend that you don't use headphones with built-in microphones that plug into a combined single jack on your device (such as iPhone earbuds), since they can leak sound which results in a faint echo of the other persons voice. If you only have headphones like these available, using a different microphone will also help.

If you have a device that supports monitoring, go to the Settings menu and turn it off, since your friend will hear you through the video chat. Otherwise she will hear two copies of your voice with a slight delay in between them.

Stopping and saving your recording every 20 minutes or so is a good idea should anything go wrong with your recording. It also makes it much less likely you'll get an annoying save error once finished.

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    Been sitting here for hours and we can't see what each other is recording

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