How do I collaborate with other users? (How to invite a user to a project)

You can invite people to your projects. You can search amongst:

  • People you follow
  • Your Facebook friends (if you have connected your Facebook account with Soundtrap)
  • All users
  • or you can invite by entering an email address

From your profile page, open the dot-dot-dot menu next to your project and choose Invite (1). Alternatively, if you're in the studio, open the chat (the Collaborators tab) and click "+ Invite user" (2).

Once invited, he/she will receive an email invitation with a link. When he/she accepts the link the project will open. You can chat (or video call) in the Collaborators tab. Whenever you click save, your friend gets an update notification with your changes.

Also, check out these tips for a great collab!

(1) Profile page - dot-dot-dot menu (next to your project) - Invite

(2) Studio - Collaborators tab ("the chat") - + Invite user

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