MIDI keyboard does not connect / is not found

Trying to play some keys but don't get any response from your device? :(

If you're working on Chromebooks you have to go to SETTINGS in the studio, click MIDI Settings and choose the keyboard you're connecting in the menu that pops up. 

If you have Mavericks OS (Mac OS 10.9) - that is probably the issue since there is a tiny little bug there. But don't worry, just disconnect your MIDI keyboard and connect it again. That should solve the problem! :)


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    Christopher Lijoi

    Vanja, I'm having a problem with my students chromebooks, every time I go to settings, midi, it says "upgrade browser...midi needs an itty bitty upgrade. Mind upgrading your browser". Now I've upgraded the version of chrome and it still isn't working, same issue. Weird thing is that MY chromebook, which has the same version of chrome, works with midi and midi keyboards. The only difference is my chromebook model is a model 11 g5 and my students are a model 11 g3. Also, when I use other keyboard apps on my chromebook they recognize the midi keyboard when I plug it in but again, on my student's chromebooks, on the same app that works on my computer, the midi keyboard is not detected.

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