Managing your mobile subscription via iTunes

Change your subscription via iTunes:

  1. Download or open iTunes.
  2. Log in to iTunes.
  3. Enter your iTunes information in the dialog box and select Login.
  4. Click on the Profile icon at the top right and select Account.
  5. A dialog box appears and prompts you to enter your password for your iTunes account again. Enter your password and select View account.
  6. Scroll down to Settings and select Manage next to the subscriptions on the Account Information.
  7. You will be redirected to the page Edit subscriptions, on renewal options, choose the subscription you want to change to.
  8. A dialog box appears asking you to confirm your selection. Select confirm.
  9. Your new subscriptions appear on your account.


Cancel your subscription via iTunes:

Your subscription can only be cancelled on your iTunes account by following these instructions: Apple Instructions

Please note that uninstalling the app or closing your account will not automatically stop your subscription - you must cancel the subscription. To do that, you need to cancel the recurring payments. Bear in mind, the subscription you've purchased remains active until it reaches its expiration date even when you cancel it right after the purchase.

For example, if you purchase a monthly subscription and then choose to cancel it, the subscription will remain active until the end of the first month.


NOTE: We can not cancel your iTunes subscription for Soundtrap as Apple does not give us access to your payment data. If you do not have access to your iTunes account, you will have to contact Apple Support.
Please make sure to log into the correct iTunes account. If you can not see the cancel button in iTunes this either means you do not have an active auto-renewing subscription (it might already have been cancelled), or you are not logged in to the correct iTunes account.

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