Tips for the perfect collab

So you've just started collabing with someone? Great! Here are some advice on how to achieve a joyful experience and still making sure everyone's visions are fulfilled:

  • Give feedback to each other! To share musical ideas with others takes a lot of courage. It will all be a lot easier if you as collaborators give credit and support each other via the text- or video chat.
  • …And speaking of that. A lot of valuable ideas might be coming up while talking to each other. The text chat and video chat is an awesome creative tool!
  • Don’t be afraid to share unpolished ideas and sketches to get the creative flow going.
  • If you want to have your private space when coming up with new things, though, it might be good to know that your collaborators won’t be able to hear your recordings until you click save.
  • Hard to understand each others vision? Use reference songs! Create playlists or link video clips to get a shared vision
  • Hard to come up with new ideas? Browse the loop library to find inspiration
  • Last but not least; be kind, be bold and always respect each others ideas!


Good luck :)

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