How do I add Auto-Tune® to my vocals?

So, you've recorded some vocals and now you want to add authentic Antares Auto-Tune® to them? No problem! Just hover over the region you wish to auto-tune, click EDIT (1) and choose Auto-Tune® (2).


(1) Edit region


(2) Edit region - Auto-Tune

This opens up the Auto-Tune® effect dialog! Here you can choose the amount of the effect that you want to add and select a musical scale.

The Amount control goes from Light to Heavy. Set it too Heavy for a very noticeable effect, or set it to Light for more subtle tuning jobs!

The Scale control lets you select a musical scale. If you're unsure what scale you're using, leave it at All notes (chromatic). You can also edit the scale manually by clicking on the notes in this dialog. (3)


(3) Auto-Tune!

OK, so now you're happy with your settings, just click Auto-Tune and voilà! - you have successfully Auto-Tuned your vocals!

Please note that adding the Auto-Tune effect is a destructive operation, meaning that the effect will be printed to the audio file. You can undo right after you've added Auto-Tune to go back to the original file, but if you keep working in your project, at some point you won't be able to go back without undoing other things that you might want to keep. A good tip is to duplicate your track before adding Auto-Tune and muting the duplicate so that you have I copy, should you want to go back to the original further down the road.

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    How do I remove auto-tune after I have already saved my draft with auto-tune on?

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