How to administrate an EDU account, add teachers and how to set roles

To add teachers to an EDU account, go to the EDU admin panel ("+Add users", invite by code or use any of the import options, here's how to import from Google Classroom). Next, you need to change the role from the default role (student) to teacher. This is how you do it:

Go to "All users" (1). Select the teacher(s), click "Actions" and "Set role to users..." (2). In the pop-up dialog, change the role to "teacher" and click "Save changes" (3). In the list of users, notice that the teacher's role has been changed (4). That's it!

(1) EDU admin panel - All users


(2) All users - Actions - Set role to users... (first make sure you have selected the user in the list)

(3) Assign role to user dialog (select "teacher" from the dropdown menu, click "Save changes")

(4) All users (the user's role has been changed to "teacher")



Now the teacher(s) account(s) is up and running, and the teacher(s) will have access to

1. The admin panel

2. Create groups

3. Administrate users (Invite students, assign/unassign students)

4. Create assignments


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