How to upgrade to an EDU (Soundtrap for Education) trial account

From your Soundtrap profile, 

(1). Go to the EDUCATION tab on your profile page.

(2). Scroll down and start a free 30-day trial for 50 users (Starter Pack), or for any number of users (Custom Deal). If you want to, you can start a free trial for your entire school!

(3). When you're done selecting, click "Start 30-day free trial" and fill out the form and click "Start your trial".

(4). Confirm to migrate your account to an Edu account. You will NOT loose any of your projects!

(5). Welcome to your 30-day Edu Trial! Now you have an Edu Admin tab and a Resources tab on your profile!



(1) Profile page (click the Education tab to open it)



(2) Education tab (scroll down to see this view) Start 30-day trial


(3). Fill out form



(4). Read information and confirm to migrate account



(5). Welcome!




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