How to merge tracks

Say you've found a nice synth bass loop and you start wishing it had some acoustic bass flavor... In the project below I edited out a single note from an acoustic bass loop to add to my synth bass loop. But what if you want to treat a combination of two tracks with two independent regions as a single track with a single loop? The solution to this is to merge them together! This is how to do it:

Click the Settings menu (1) and select "Merge tracks..." (2). Choose from the list of tracks two or more tracks that you want to merge together and click "Merge" (3). A new track called "Merged" will replace the old tracks (4). The volume of the new track might be a little lower in order to avoid overloading, but you can simply increase the volume with the track's volume control to compensate for this.

(Tip: If you want to save a backup of your merged tracks, create duplicates from the track menu before performing the merge)

(1) Settings

(2) Settings -> Merge tracks...

(3) Merge tracks dialog (select the tracks you want to merge)

(4) Merged track (replaces the old tracks)



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