How to purchase Soundtrap for Education

If you have started your free trial and want to go ahead and purchase a subscription, just go to the EDU admin panel and click the "Buy now" button either in the header (1) or at the bottom of the menu to the left (2). In the pop-up dialog that appears, you will be asked to review your order. Here you can add more users to your account if you want to. When you've entered the desired number of users, click "Continue" to proceed to checkout. In the checkout dialog, you can select your currency and your payment method. Payment options include PayPal and credit card. If you cannot use PayPal or credit card to pay, choose "Other" and we will contact you. You also have the option to send a link or customizable email to the person responsible for payments (ICT manager etc). This person will be added as an owner to the educational account you just created and have all values prefilled for payment.


(1) "Buy now" button on your Profile Page


(2) "Buy now" button in EDU Admin


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