How to import students (example with CSV file)

For instructions on how to invite students from Google Classroom click here. For instructions on how to import students from a CSV file continue reading.

From the EDU admin panel on your Soundtrap profile, choose "+Add users" (1). Under "Other options", click "CSV file" (2). In the first dialog you will receive instructions on how to organize your CSV file with first name, last name, email and password. You can create your CSV file using Microsoft Excel or Google Spreadsheets (3). Choose your file to upload and click next (4). In the last dialog you will see a preview of your import list. Make sure all details are correct and then click Import (5). Done!

(1) EDU admin panel - "+Add users"


(2) +Add users - Other options: CSV file


(3) Google Spreadsheets example (first name in the first column, then last name, email and password)

(4) Import users from CSV file dialog (upload your file and click Next)

(5) Import users from CSV file Preview dialog (check that everything is correct, click Import)

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