How do I make a loop shorter?

Sometimes you add a loop to your project only to find it's longer than you need it to be. So let's make it shorter. Depending on what you want to accomplish, there are a couple of ways to do this. Here you will learn both.

When you add a new loop to your project it is repeated, or looped, by default. Depending on the loop, it is either looped twice or four times (1). Now, the first thing to do if you want to make a loop shorter is to grab the loop handle in the upper right corner (2) and drag it to the left (3). The loop will become shorter until only the base segment is left–the original region so to speak. If you want this part to become even shorter, you will have to use a second tool: the region handle in the bottom right corner (4). Click and drag to the left and your region will become shorter (5). You might want to zoom in, change the grid size or turn off snap to grid mode in order to make finer adjustments. When you're happy with the length, you can use the loop handle again and drag to the right to loop the new, shorter region.

Pro tip: You can jump straight to the region handle of your base segment and drag to the left while the total length of your loops will stay the same.

(1) Editor view with two loops added

(2) Loop handle (appears when hovering above the region)


(3) Loop handle (click and drag to the left will remove loops until only the base segment is left, then it stops)

(4) Region handle (click and drag to the left to make region shorter)

(5) Region/base segment shortened


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