Is there a way to remove vocals from a track?

You mean the Soundtrap Karaoke Machine? We got it! Use the karaoke effect in the studio and listen to the magic! :D It works the best with high quality versions of the audio file so try your best to find one in high quality!

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    Polly James

    hello, may I am late, I just got the way to remove vocals from a track so I wanna share with you. Download Audacity and load the track. In the Track Control Panel on the left, click on the drop-down arrow above and select Split Stereo to Mono. Double-click to select the lower track, click Effect on the menu bar, and select Invert. And finally, click export, if you like, you can search WonderFox remove vocals from a song to get a whole tutorial, I knew the complete steps from that. Cheers

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