What’s Volume test and what’s it good for?

If you’re recording with your device’s built-in mic, or if you have an external mic without volume control, use the Volume test to set your recording level! The Volume test is accessed from the little speaker icon right next to the input selection (1). 

You will be asked to play/sing loud in order to detect the maximum volume of your instrument. With this information, we can optimize the recording level so that you can focus on the fun stuff :)

The Volume test remembers your settings for your device. If you switch to a new device, the icon will light up to remind you to do a Volume test. In case you want to redo or undo the volume test, click Reset in the last dialog (2).

If you are recording with an audio interface or USB mic with gain/volume control(s), we recommend that you use these to set your recording level, and skip the Volume test altogether. Please refer to the manual of your device for guidelines on how to set the optimal recording level.


(1) Volume test icon


(2) Reset Volume test

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