Where do I change my microphone or audio input device for recording?

The input device selection is located in the instrument view of the studio (1). To select your input device, simply click on the name of your current input to open the dropdown list of available input devices (2).

Select an input device by clicking on the name in the list. If you have an audio interface with multiple inputs, click Advanced to access more inputs (3).

The default option "1+2 monomix" combines the first two channels of the device into a single mono signal. Click on the current input option to access the alternatives: "1", "2" or "1+2 monomix" (4).

In Soundtrap, you can access the first two input channels for any device. If your device has more than two input channels, the additional channels will not be accessible due to a browser limitation.

Since you can use multiple devices in Soundtrap, each track can have its own input. You can record multiple inputs at the same time with multi-track recording.


(1) Input device selection


(2) Available input devices is shown in a dropdown list. Click a device to select it.


(3) Advanced toggles more input options


(4) In Advanced mode, click on the current input option to access the alternatives



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