Multi-track recording

Want to record vocals and piano at the same time? Are you recording a podcast with your bestie? You can record multiple tracks at the same time in Soundtrap. This feature is often referred to as multi-track recording.

To start recording multiple tracks, simply click on the "R" in the track header for each track that you want to record onto (1). When the "R" is red, you know the track is ready for recording! If you don't want to record onto a track, make sure the "R" is greyed out. If you are recording with multiple microphones or audio devices, for each track make sure you've selected the right input.

You can also use multi-track recording creatively to layer instruments. Try to add a piano and a synth pad and enable both of them for recording ("R" is red, remember?). You will now control both of them with your keyboard! When you record, both tracks will get identical regions that you can later edit separately.

When only one track is enabled for recording, selecting another track will toggle it for recording. This makes it easier to switch between different tracks in the studio.


(1) Enable tracks for recording by clicking the "R" in the track header

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